Yeshiva and Kollel avreichim - Beit She'an

The Beit She’an Kollel was established in 2006 by a group of avreichim who wanted to strengthen the city of Beit She’an. to this end, they decided to move to Beit She’an and establish a kollel and a Torah center.

Rabbi Elisha Vishlitsky Z”l and Rabbi Eitan Zucker yl”a led the movement and supported it throughout the years. Today, the kollel and yeshiva are headed by Rabbi Ofir Lasri, grandson of the Kabbalist R’ Makhlouf Chaim Elasri.

As of April 2023, 36 Avrechim study at the Kollel during the morning and afternoon “Seder”, while the Yeshiva has 30 pre-military service students who live on campus during the week.

Studies go on from morning to night throughout the week and include Gemara, iyun and b’kiut, Halacha and Emuna.

The combination of avreichim and students studying together is something that sets the kollel apart from other frameworks. The obvious friendship between the two groups strengthens the study of Torah and emphasizes the fact that the Torah belongs to all students of all ages.

In addition, avreichim from the kollel work in the city, some of them responsible for educational and social programs that operate throughout Beit She’an.

Additional Projects