Binat Bik'at HaYarden seminary for girls

Binat Bik’at HaYarden was founded by Rabbi Menachem Novik in September 2022. It is located at the Jordan Valley.

The “Midrasha” (Seminary) is named after the late Ricky Ogol who was the matriarch and a founder of the nearby town of Rotem with her husband and a few other families.

The program integrates activities that were close to her heart.

The seminary encompasses five buildings that house classrooms and dormitories.

The teaching staff also includes two counsellors who engage with the students on a daily basis, making sure their needs are met.

Additionally, 30 staff members teach various courses throughout the week.

At the present time,25 girls are studying at the seminary- the majority of whom are after national service.

While permanent facilities will be constructed in Maskiyot when funding is secured, the seminary is currently housed in temporary facilities in the town of Mehola.

The seminary blends sacred studies, creative and artistic pursuits, and work that the girls find fitting.


to prepare 18- to 20-year-old girls for independent living and establishing Jewish homes grounded in the Torah.

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