Social Support

The Shivat Zion Fund provides financial assistance, equipment, and food to individuals and communities with limited or no support from state or other social organizations.

Our aid reaches out to the needy and vulnerable individuals including the disabled, sick, orphans, single mothers, elderly, lone soldiers, and families in crisis.

We provide support throughout the year, with additional assistance during the holidays, and are often the sole source of aid for our beneficiaries.

In addition, we also provide support to small businesses that are in the development stage.

2018-2022: the Fund has provided support to 3,400 families in about 170 towns and cities throughout the country, amounting to a total of 7.4 million ILS.

2023: We have allocated 1.75 million NIS for continued annual funding.

7.55 Million ILS

Shivat Zion’s Participation in 2018-2022

3,400 families

170 Towns & Cities in Israel

1.75 Million ILS

Shivat Zion’s Participation in 2023

Testimonials from Donation Recipients

“Our landlord threatened to evict us when we couldn’t pay the rent again. We didn’t know what to do. Shivat Zion saved us from the streets.”

“The Electrical Company called and told us that they were disconnecting because we were late in paying. Mid-winter, the children were freezing. The call to Shivat Zion was not in vain. A few days later we were able to warm our living room and call to thank them.”

“The results of the tests were extremely encouraging. This is the second time that the disease has returned and we knew in advance that we would not be able to afford the medications. Shivat Zion responded to our appeal and helped us purchase them.”