"On three things the world stands:
on the Torah, on the service
and on the acts of lovingkindness"

Shivat Zion - Israeli charity fund

Established in August 2017, the Shivat Zion Fund aims to provide support in various fields throughout Israel, particularly in the newly developing areas and the periphery. The fund specializes in handling cases that have not received a response from other sources.

Under the leadership of Mr. Baruch Mariin, the fund employs 5 people in various positions.

The resettlement of the land after two thousand years of exile is viewed by Shivat Zion Fund as a visible miracle, and our goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships between individuals and communities in order to create a stable, connected, and vibrant society. By doing so, the fund aims to express gratitude to the pioneers who took it upon themselves to cultivate the wilderness and return to the ways of our ancestors out of a sense of mission and devotion for the people of Israel.

Projects and Initiatives of the Shivat Zion Fund

The Shivat Zion Fund participates in a variety of social and educational charitable projects, as well as the establishment of multi-purpose buildings for community use.

Community Buildings:

We are committed to strengthening community activities in newly settled towns by teaming up with local municipalities and other donors in order to raise money for much needed community buildings such as Mikvehs, Synagogues and multi-purpose buildings. we also take part in funding 35 rest stops that serve hot food and refreshment to law enforcement personal in Rural areas.

Education projects:

The fund provides monthly support to educational projects for children, young men and women, and grants scholarships to various educational institutions based on need and ability.

Social Support:

The fund provides financial support to families and individuals in times of crisis, including the elderly, the sick, widows, orphans, single-parent families, families effected by terror attacks and more. In some cases, food vouchers are provided especially during the holidays- while equipment, food, and electrical appliances are provided to lone soldiers.