Established in August 2017, the Shivat Zion Fund aims to provide support in various fields throughout Israel, particularly in new settlement areas and the periphery. The fund specializes in handling cases that have not received a response from other sources. Under the leadership of Mr. Baruch Mariin, the fund employs 5 people in various positions.

The resettlement of the land after two thousand years of exile is viewed by Shivat Zion Fund as a visible miracle, and our goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships between individuals and communities in order to create a stable, connected, and vibrant society. By doing so, the fund aims to express gratitude to the pioneers who took it upon themselves to cultivate the wilderness and return to the ways of our ancestors out of a sense of mission and devotion for the people of Israel.

By the power of small acts to create a great world

for Social Support
for Municipal projects
for Educational projects


The events of October 7, 2023, shook our nation to its core. The infiltration of terrorists from the Gaza Strip into our tranquil border communities
left us in shock and mourning.

In response, the State of Israel declared war, and all of us stand united against this threat, knowing that at any cost, we must prevail—and with the help of G-d, we will prevail!

In peaceful times, the Shivat Zion Foundation primarily focused on providing economic support to families and nurturing communal growth. However, following these tragic events, requests for immediate assistance were received in the following critical areas: Financial Support for Needy Families and War Victims, Security and First Aid Equipment for Communities.

“Good Neighbor” Campaign

“Twice as Good” Grant from Shivat Zion Israeli Charity Trust!

The increasing cost of living burdens every household, but within our community, some families are especially strained, desperately needing our assistance.

For the third consecutive year, Shivat Zion Israeli Charity Trust stands in solidarity with our community, doubling your generous donations.

This year, the campaign has triumphed in reaching its goal. Thanks to the generosity of 28 participating communities and the unwavering support from the Foundation, struggling families have found relief, enhancing the well-being of our neighborhood for all.

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